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Lover of all hair, specifically blondes and vivids

Hair and Makeup were my first loves. I have been in awe of this industry since the day I discovered it. My goals are always to promote confidence and spread love through connecting with some of the best people in Charlotte. Hair is my passion, my job and my hobby all in one and since I got so lucky to have that opportunity, I want to share my love and passion with anyone who will listen.

Lacey: About Us


Major Color Switch--$350+

Small Color Switch-$225+

Color Maintainence-$150+

Blonding Switch-$400+

Blonding Maintenance-$255+

Long Haircut-$85



I am so excited to now offer extensions! A consultation is required before extension installs so we can create a plan and pick out an extension method that will work best for you and your lifestyle. Price is based on how we will best be able to achieve your goals and will be thoroughly gone over during consultation. 

Lacey: Welcome

Lacey is currently accepting guests who have flexible daytime availability during the week. Big emphasis on folks who love blonding, vivids and extensions! The best way to contact Lacey is by emailing

Please include details about your current hair, your hair goals and your typical availability. Pictures are super appreciated as well!

Lacey: Text
Lacey: Pro Gallery
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