Outlaw Hair Co | Jess
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More About Me

I believe that your hair is your most important accessory! Like your wardrobe it should change every season. Fashion is an ever evolving cycle and changes so quickly, but style is something that comes from with in. I truly feel as though I have a calling to help release the style in all of us one beautiful head at a time. After bartending for almost a decade I embraced this calling at Paul Mitchell the School Charlotte and again at Alchemy: The workshop for almost 4years.

At which point my hair partner (Lacey Biggerstaff… aka Smalls) and I were inspired to create our own dream known as The Outlaw Hair Co..

My love for fashion and my fine tuned guest service skills have allowed me to literally live the dream! Nothing fulfills me more than making my guest feel their best! I specialize in men’s grooming and curly hair, but will never put my skills in a box! If you have hair I want to play with it!

Operating Hours

Monday, Tuesday And Wednesday : 10 - 7

Saturday: 10 - 4


Single process

$80 & up

Platinum Card

$100 & up

Partial Foil

$90 & up

Color Correction

$120 & up

Fashion Colors

$100 & up

Full Foil

$100 & up

Top Coat/Gloss

$70 & up

Extra Bowl of Color


Women’s Haircut


Men’s Haircut

$35 (1 hour)

Men’s Trim

$20 (30 min)

Beard Trim


Blow out


Deep Conditioning Treatment

$45 (with service: $35)

Mini Perm



$120 & up

Special Event Style/ UpDo

$60 & up

Special event including make up

$80 & up






$100 an hour

Mini Foil

10 foils focused around the hairline and part for a subtle brightness $60

Half foil

Covers everything from the ears up $90

Full foil

Covers everything from hairline to hairline $120

Full blonding

$100 an hour

Platinum retouch